Meaningful and Measurable was a Collaborative Action Research project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

The project brought together 3 academic organisations, 8 practice partners and 4 national stakeholder organisations with a shared interest: adopting a focus on personal outcomes in health, social care and other human services .

Over the past decade, developing approaches to the recording, analysis and use of personal outcomes data has been found to pose challenges at all levels of organisations. Within this project, we explored the tension between:

  • Meaning: the need for detailed, contextualised information on individual experience to inform individual planning and service improvement.
  • Measurement: the need to aggregate information on personal outcomes to inform decision making at organisational and national levels.

We wanted to develop an approach to personal outcomes that was Meaningful and Measurable.  Hear what some stakeholders had to say about the project at the final project event:

For a quick introduction to the project, please read the Project Briefing Document: Project Briefing Document [PDF]

You can contact the project team via our email address:meaningful.measurable@ed.ac.uk