Who We Are

Who We Are

The project comprises 15 partner organisations:  3 Universities,  8 practice partners from health and social care organisations in Scotland and Wales,  and 4 national stakeholder organisations.

You can contact the project via the e-mail address:meaningful.measurable@ed.ac.uk

The Practice Partners

The practice partners are organisations that have been developing a focus on personal outcomes for several years. They are actively seeking to progress specific local issues concerning the analysis and use of personal outcomes data through action research and have allocated dedicated staff time to project participation.

The Academic Team

The academic team, drawn from the University of Edinburgh (host institution), University of Strathclyde and University of Swansea. provides research expertise, specialist subject matter knowledge, mentoring and administrative support:

  • Dr Ailsa Cook is the principal investigator, providing leadership and support to the project as a whole and leading on the collaborative and knowledge exchange aspects of the programme. She is mentoring the action research projects with Moray Health and Social Care Partnership and VOCAL.
  • Dr Emma Miller (University of Strathclyde) is the investigator leading on the action research aspects of the project, overseeing the data retreats and coordinating mentorship and action learning sets. She is mentoring the action research projects with the East Renfrewshire Health and Care Partnership and Stirling Council.
  • Dr. Sarah Keyes (University of Edinburgh) is the investigator leading on data management, ethics and overseeing ongoing communication with and between project partners. She is contributing to all elements of the project and co-mentoring the action research project with the City of Edinburgh Council.
  • Karen Barrie (University of Edinburgh) is contributing to the project as part of a Career Development PhD Scholarship and is leading on the use of multimedia, including the creation of digital stories. She is mentoring the action research project that is being taken forward jointly by Penumbra and Angus Council, and co-mentoring the City of Edinburgh Council action research project.
  • Nick Andrews (University of Swansea) is  leading the Welsh arm of the project. He is providing  mentorship to the Welsh practice partner, Bridgend Borough County Council, and working with the Welsh stakeholder partner on knowledge exchange activities in Wales.
  • Dr Pam Ramsay (NHS Lothian / University of Edinburgh) brings specific expertise in health outcome measurement and is advising practice partners engaged in quantitative outcome measurement.
  • Dr Sarah Morton (University of Edinburgh) brings specific expertise in contribution analysis and is advising on the assessment of impact, including facilitation of workshops with stakeholders as part of the contribution analysis process.
  • Jenni Benyon (University of Edinburgh) is providing administrative and event management support to the project and contributing to ongoing communication and collaboration.

National Stakeholders

The contribution of national stakeholder partners will ensure that the findings of this project are effectively disseminated to and implemented within a wider constituency of health and social care organisations.