Data Retreats

Coordination and collaboration between the 8 practice partners is being  facilitated through 3 intensive data retreats, each lasting 2 days.

What are Data Retreats?

Data retreats are focussed events including a mix of inputs from academic and practitioner researchers. They serve to support the development of new skills and understanding in methodology and epistemology, and include a series of workshops supporting partners to work together to plan and reflect on their projects.

The data retreats are the primary mechanism whereby project partners can share and reflect on learning and work together to build an evidence base as to what works when and for whom. This evidence base can then be drawn upon to guide local action.

Prior to the ESRC project we held a data retreat at the University of Edinburgh in March 2012.  The report from the event provides details of the retreat, the list of delegates and the planned next steps.

Data Retreat Report.APR2012 (Word)

What is the Purpose of Each Data Retreat?

The first data retreat for the ESRC project was held in February. Beforehand each project partner wrote a short report summarising baseline practice in the analysis and use of personal outcomes information. Reports were shared between practice partners, which supported mutual recognition of good practice and identification of common issues to be addressed. The focus of the first data retreat was building the capacity and skills of the project partners and supporting them to develop a plan for their project.

Data Retreat 1.Report.Jan14.FINAL (pdf)

The second data retreat was held in May. Practice partners shared progress to date and worked together to plan the second phase of the action research. The retreat included specific inputs on reporting qualitative and quantitative data and an opportunity to explore strategies for engaging key audiences such as strategic managers, inspectors and regulators and front line staff. Partners will then have three months to implement their plan in practice and to capture evidence as to what worked. As the second Data Retreat and Knowledge Exchange (KE) events were both held at a crucial point of the research process, the Meaningful & Measurable Project team decided to produce a single “Project Update” report rather than separate data Retreat and KE event reports this time.

Project Update.JUL14 (pdf)

The third data retreat focussed on reflecting on the evidence from practice across the projects and in supporting practice partners to develop outputs from their project. The basis for this was the development of project briefing papers, but partners are working with the academic team to develop a range of resources, including mutlimedia resources.

Project Update.OCT14.FINAL (pdf, 53kb)