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Knowledge Exchange Events

Knowledge Exchange is an integral feature of the Meaningful and Measurable project.

A Knowledge Exchange event is scheduled shortly after each of the 3 data retreats, bringing together a broad constituency of interested and pertinent stakeholders with the specific purpose of creating dialogue. This ensures that a diverse range of perspectives are reflected within ongoing development work. At the same time, it enables key project learning to be directly disseminated and acted upon within practice, service development, policy and regulatory contexts.

The first data retreat was held on the 5th March, hosted by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the ALLIANCE).

KE Event 1.Report.Feb14.FINAL (pdf)

The second Knowledge Exchange event was held on 28th May at Moray House School of Education. As the second Data Retreat and Knowledge Exchange (KE) events were both held at a crucial point of the research process, the Meaningful & Measurable Project team decided to produce a single “Project Update” report rather than separate data Retreat and KE event reports this time.

Project Update.JUL14 (pdf)

A final Knowledge Exchange event was held on the 23rd February 2015 in Edinburgh. This event was an important opportunity to share and consolidate provisional project findings with a wider stakeholder group. Project partners presented their learning and developments across the key themes of Recording, Measurement, Qualitative Data Analysis and Use of Information.

MeaningfulandMeasurable_FinalKEEvent_Flyer (pdf)

Sharing the Learning Events

In addition, 2 national Sharing the Learning Events will be held at the end of the project, one in Scotland and one in Wales. These events will be funded and organised by the Joint Improvement Team and the University of Swansea All Wales Project respectively.

The Joint Improvement Team hosted event will be linked to their ongoing work to develop Outcomes for Integration and will include presentations and workshops with space for up to 250 people.

The Wales event will be open to up to 100 practitioners, policy makers and researchers and will highlight findings from Scotland and Wales as well as considering the applicability of Scottish evidence to the Welsh context.

These events will be publicised once details are finalised.